Course Name: Frontiers in Astrophysics
September 29, 2020

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Advanced mathematics, undergrad physics

Lecture Time: 2 sessions (45 minutes per session)

Course Description: This is a mini-course on cosmology, as a part of the “Frontiers in Astrophysics” course at Tsinghua. It covers the frontier of modern cosmology, including dark energy, modified gravity, key cosmological probes including BAO (standard ruler) and RSD, CMB, supernovae (standard candle), gravitational waves (standard siren).

Recommended text books:

Cosmological Physics (John A. Peacock)
Modern Cosmology (Scott Dodelson & Fabian Schmidt)

Reference papers/links:



Dark energy review

Modified gravity review

Latest eBOSS DR16 analysis: